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Does it seem like the sunspots on your skin increase as you age? Dr. Mary C. DuPont at DuPont Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland, offers innovative laser technology to help improve the appearance of damaged skin. She can have you feeling and looking younger after just one treatment session. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

What are hyperpigmentation and sunspots?

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that involves patches of your skin becoming darker than your surrounding skin. An excess of melanin the brown pigment that produces normal skin color is usually to blame for your skin darkening. The melanin forms deposits in your skin, creating the darker patches.

Sunspots are usually brown in color and the result of sun damage. Your face, scalp, shoulders, arms, and hands are the most common location for their appearance. These spots tend to get larger with age, often appearing after the age of 50.

Sunspots are harmless but they can cause your skin to have an aged appearance. Limiting sun exposure and applying sunscreen while outdoors can help prevent their appearance.

How can hyperpigmentation and sunspots be treated?

Dr. DuPont and her staff utilize the CO2RE fractional laser to help treat advanced skin damage. Just one CO2RE treatment can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your skin, improving sun damage, age spots, and uneven coloration. Dr. DuPont can perform CO2RE treatments on your face, neck, chest, and hands.

How does the CO2RE fractional laser treatment work?

CO2RE resurfaces your skin by removing the damaged layers of your skin tissue, leaving your surrounding skin untouched. The CO2 laser therapy encourages the production of collagen and healthy new skin. This innovative laser treatment is fast, comfortable, and requires minimal downtime.

What should you expect following your CO2RE treatment?

You may experience a sunburn sensation, which could last several hours to a couple of days. Dr. DuPont recommends keeping your skin moist and hydrated following treatment.

A natural exfoliation process will take place as your dead skin begins to peel for about 7-10 days following your treatment session. Dr. DuPont strongly recommends using moisturizers and sunscreen lotion during the healing process, as well as for the weeks and months following treatment.

You can usually see a noticeable difference in your skin after only one treatment. Age spots and uneven discoloration will show immediate results, and your skin will gradually look softer and smoother following treatment.

Are CO2RE treatments right for you?

Ideal candidates for CO2RE are typically patients who are 30 years of age or older and suffer from sun damaged skin, rough texture, or other skin imperfections.

If you’re looking for younger-looking skin with minimal downtime, call Dr. DuPont at DuPont Institute today or schedule an appointment online.

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