Choosing an OB/GYN is easy, but how do you choose a vaginal tightening surgeon to rejuvenate your vagina?

Aging and childbirth can have serious effects on the shape and tightness of your vagina, but the best vaginal tightening surgeon is Bethesda, Maryland can make you feel like new!

Life Gets Better With Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening is a simple surgery that reshapes and tightens your vagina. The procedure is considered cosmetic, as many women choose vaginal tightening because the shape their vagina has caused a severe lack of confidence in their sex lives.

Most women who have vaginal tightening surgery report have much better sex lives after recovery! It can also help to eliminate pain during intercourse. Here’s how to choose a great surgeon.

Choose a Surgeon with Amazing Credentials

The best vaginal tightening surgeon in Bethesda, Maryland is experienced and knowledgeable in women’s health.

Always choose a surgeon who has a specialized education and has gone through the work and training to become a member of prestigious societies and associations like the American Urogynecological Association, which promotes feminine health.

Book an Appointment, Take a Look Around, and Get Comfortable

Your surgeon knows how awkward it can be to talk about personal issues. Once you book an appointment with a surgeon, make sure you are comfortable, the clinic is welcoming, and you don’t feel judged by your surgeon.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Price

Vaginal tightening surgery is often considered a cosmetic surgery, and your insurance may not cover the cost. Ask your surgeon about the price of vaginal tightening, and discuss payment options. Don’t forget to check with your insurance, just in case.

The Best Vaginal Tightening Surgeon in Bethesda, Maryland Is at DuPont Institute!

There’s nothing like feeling confident in the bedroom! At the DuPont Institute, we are dedicated to helping you get your life back. Vaginal tightening is customizable to fit your individual needs and can be done without the use of a scalpel.

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