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Size might not really matter, but when it comes to a man’s confidence, the length and girth of his penis can have a huge impact.

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Regain your confidence

Enhance the size, length, and girth of your penis

The DuPont Institute offers two great options to temporarily enhance your penis size: dermal fillers and/or PRF therapy. Both options are minimally-invasive and a great way to enhance the length and predominantly the girth of your penis. A study from the University of Texas has shown that 90% of partners prefer an increase in penile girth over length. PRF therapy has the added benefit of potentially helping with erectile dysfunction. Which method is best for you will be determined by Washington DC Penile Enhancement provider, Dr. DuPont during your consultation. It’s time to get your mojo back!

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Patient Testimonials

Hands down the best Dr for girth enhancement. I've been to two or the best plastic surgeons in NYC and there is NO comparison. Dr DuPont is the best and should probably be the only Dr aloud to do this procedure in the world. What she offers and has done to me has made my self esteem and confidence soar to infinity limits. 5 stars is not enough. She needs 100 stars!!!

- Google Review

Washington DC penis enhancement expert, Dr. Mary DuPont is both a consummate, talented professional and a woman who has an impressive capacity for caring about you as a unique individual. The entire office treated me like a valued family member. My gratitude is deep AND they made the visit a joy-full one. Rare these days. Excellent choice for experienced, professional care.

- Google Review

Beyond satisfied with the experience I had with Dr. DuPont and her incredibly attentive staff. The experience and results speak for themselves. I had always been so self conscious and am so glad I decided to book the procedure with Dr. DuPont. I felt understood and respected every step of the way.

- J.S.

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Mojo Max

Penile enhancement with dermal filler.

Hyaluronic acid fillers have long been used to add volume to cheeks and lips, but now they can also be used to increase penis length and girth. As a board-certified urology surgeon, Dr. DuPont is an expert in several penis enlargement procedures. With Mojo Max, hyaluronic acid fillers will be injected into the shaft. Dermal fillers produce great results, but if you’re not satisfied, the HA can simply be dissolved at a later point. HA fillers have a resistance to external compression, giving the penis a natural feel in both the flaccid and erect state.

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How does the procedure work?

Before injection, a topical numbing agent will be applied so you will be comfortable during the procedure.

The treatment takes around one hour. There will be no downtime, and you can return to your normal daily activity immediately.

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What are the benefits of penile enhancement with dermal filler?

  • No surgery
  • Immediate results
  • Results that last up to 2 years
  • No scars
  • Quick procedure in the office
  • Minimal to no discomfort
  • Performed with local anesthetic
  • HA fillers are FDA-approved

Other Penile Enhancement Procedures

Suspensory Ligament Release

The suspensory ligament attaches the base of the penis to the pubic bone. Releasing this ligament allows the portion of the penis that is buried inside the body to move further out and reduces the arched angle of the penis so it stretches out further. Although this procedure results in an average increase of 1-3 cm in penile length (especially with the use of a penile traction device postoperatively), there are significant drawbacks as well as potential complications that has led the American Urological Association to conclude that this procedure is neither safe nor efficacious.

Additional Reading

Release of the ligament can be associated with significant risk to the neurovascular supply of the penis, potentially causing nerve and vascular injury. To avoid recurrence, a “buffer” such as a dermal graft, silicone, or fat pad is utilized under the pubic bone with mixed results. Additionally, the surgical outcomes are not always favorable with patient and partner satisfaction rates ranging from 30-65%. The main downsides of this procedure are recurrent penile shortening and the lack of penile support during erection that results in difficulty with sexual intercourse and penetration.

Fat Grafting for Penile Enlargement

This procedure harvests your own fat and transfers it via injection to the penis. It is a more involved and potentially more expensive process than using hyaluronic acid fillers. Potential complications can be significant and include loss of the penis if fat is injected into blood vessels or if infection occurs. The body may reabsorb or break down up to 30% of the fat within the first 2 months and there is additional loss of volume of 20% or more within one year. There is also the issue of nodules and penile deformity. The American Urological Association does not recommend does not consider penile enhancement by fat transfer to be a safe or effective procedure.

Penile Implants

A silicone implant is a permanent option for penile enhancement. It is more invasive and requires a prolonged recovery. The penile implant cost is typically $18000 or more. It increases the length and girth by 1-2 inches on average. Device removal was necessary for issues such as erosion through the skin of the penis, painful sexual activity, and scar formation/deformity. The implant not feeling natural and sexual partners being able to detect the implant was a common complaint.

When will I see my results?

Chevy Chase Penile Enhancement patients can expect to see instant results following penile enhancement and final results after one to two weeks. Dermal fillers are especially successful in increasing girth. There will be some swelling and possible bruising, but those symptoms tend to be mild and go away quickly. You’re advised to wait 1-2 weeks before resuming sexual activity.

How long do results last?

Penile enhancement with dermal fillers can last up to two years, depending on the type of filler, your health, age, and lifestyle. Over time your body will gradually absorb the HA filler into the surrounding tissue. To maintain the size of penile girth from your initial treatment, you can schedule a follow-up appointment for further filler injections. It is likely that over time, fewer filler injections will be required to maintain results, as hyaluronic acid fillers have been shown to cause your body to create new collagen and elastin.

What is PRF therapy for penile enhancement?

The next-generation PRP treatment. Chevy Chase Penile Enhancement provider, Dr. DuPont is excited to be able to offer the newest advancement in regenerative medicine: PRF therapy. PRF (Platelet-rich fibrin) is the second generation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The treatment uses your own blood to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your penis size. PRF has been proven to be more effective than PRP because it contains a higher concentration of cells. That means no surgery, no implants, and no fillers. Patients have also reported that PRF can improve overall sexual performance by regenerating nerves and blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the penis.

How does PRF work?

Use your own blood to rejuvenate your body. During this minimally-invasive procedure, Dr. DuPont takes platelet-rich fibrin from your blood and injects it into your penis. Since these are your own cells, there is no risk of your body rejecting PRF. There is also no other medication involved. The treatment is 100% natural! PRF promotes the penile tissues to grow and can even give you better erections. Dr. DuPont takes a small amount of blood from your arm and places it into a centrifuge to isolate the PRF, which she will then inject back into you.

What is platelet-rich fibrin?

Your natural supercharger. The body already comes equipped with a secret weapon to heal itself. PRF therapy harnesses your natural healing ability to enhance your penis size, girth, and length. Platelets are found naturally in the blood, and they respond once an injury occurs, releasing growth factors to heal wounds. The use of platelets is well established in the medical field and is successfully being used in the treatment of surgical recovery, bone cancer, and a variety of other conditions.

What are the advantages of PRF over PRP?

  • Less blood - Both treatment options require blood to be drawn from the patient, but PRF needs less blood to be processed.
  • Type of cells - PRF is spun at a slower speed, allowing the white blood cells and stem cells to remain with the platelet layer.
  • Less trauma to cells - The lower speed at which your blood is being spun also means less trauma to the individual cells. That’s what makes PRF treatment more effective.
  • Higher concentration of platelets - PRP treatment usually has a concentration of 2-5 times the level of platelets found in the body, while PRF contains ten times the platelet concentration.
  • No anti-blood-clotting medicine needed - The regular PRP method requires that an anticoagulant has to be added to the blood, keeping it from clotting. Some patients find this additive to be painful and irritating. PRF does not require the addition of anticoagulants.
  • Fibrin for added growth - The anticoagulants in the PRP method destroy the fibrin in the blood. Fibrin is what helps the platelets in our blood to stick together. In short, fibrin is another fantastic natural growth factor that helps our skin, blood vessels, and nerves.

PRF and erectile dysfunction

PRF therapy - a natural way of treating ED

PRF therapy can also help in the regeneration of erectile tissue. While still considered an experimental treatment for erectile dysfunction, PRF has shown promising results in treating ED. For many men, PRF is the solution to their erectile dysfunction problems.

Patients have noticed the following benefits of PRF therapy:

  • Stronger and firmer erections
  • Improved stamina
  • Better blood flow to the penis
  • More sensitivity in the penis
  • Shortened time to get erect again after sex
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
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Are there any side effects of PRF therapy?

Since PRF is using your own platelet-rich plasma, your body won’t reject it, and the treatment is considered safe. The only minor side effects you may experience from the injection are swelling, redness, and bruising. Infections are a rare complication.

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Am I a good candidate for PRF penile enhancement?

If you’re a man between the ages of 35 and 65 and experience some issues with your sex life, either due to the size of your penis or because of erectile dysfunction, PRF may be the perfect solution for you. PRF has also been shown to bring great results to those who have lost sex drive due to diabetes, drug use, surgery, prostate cancer, or an enlarged prostate.

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There is no single method of penile enhancement that’s right for everyone.

Which method is right for you? The team at the DuPont Institute is looking forward to helping you make your most informed decision. Don’t leave success up to chance - choose your practitioner carefully. As a board-certified urology surgeon, Dr. DuPont is the expert you can trust. Call (301) 654 5530 to schedule your consultation. The DuPont Institute serves the Chevy Chase and Washington DC area.

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