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Hair Loss Treatment

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Revive-Hair™️ is an all-natural approach to hair loss! By acquiring your body’s own powerful growth factors and stem cells (PRF) we can revive your lovely locks! At The DuPont Institute we strive to provide our patients the best hair loss treatments Washington DC has to offer.

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Realself verified doctor logo Washingtonian top doctor logo Castle Connolly Top Doctor 10 years logo Bethesda Top Doctor logo US News patient top choice logo Realself verified doctor logo Washingtonian top doctor logo Castle Connolly Top Doctor 10 years logo Bethesda Top Doctor logo US News patient top choice logo

Why Is Prf Better Than PRP for Treating Hair Loss?

PRF is the next generation of PRP. 100% natural with no additives, unlike with PRP. Contains greater concentrations of growth factors, as well as stem cells, while PRP does not have stem cells.

This higher concentration of growth factors and stem cells in PRF will promote and speed up more hair regrowth and prevent hair loss. The fibrin in PRF acts as a scaffolding to keep the growth factors and stem cells in the injection area and not allow them to diffuse away where they are not needed. This allows for the release of more growth factors over a longer period of time. Fibrin, stem cells and white blood cells contribute to tissue regeneration are found in PRF but not in PRP.

How Is the Hair Regrowth Procedure Performed?

Depending on the size of the area being treated, 2-4 vials of blood are drawn from your arm.

It is then centrifuged in special tubes in a unique way to activate the fibrin and concentrate more growth factors, white blood cells, and stem cells while separating it from the other blood components, which are not needed. The PRF is then withdrawn from the vials and injected into the area of hair loss.

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How Many Hair Loss Treatments Are Needed?

Results can vary from person to person. Usually, four monthly consecutive treatments are needed, which is then followed by quarterly treatments to maintain the results.

Most Washington DC hair loss treatment patients see optimal results six months after completing four treatments. After a year, the treatment frequency can be reduced, based on the specific requirements of the patient.

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Nutrafol is an excellent complement to our Revive Hair suite. Like our PRF, Nutrafol is a safe and efficacious natural product that is formulated to address a wide range of hormonal imbalances, environmental, and hereditary causes that affect hair health.

Traditional hair vitamins such as biotin are not very effective unless used in combination with other active botanicals. Nutrafol is different in that it is the Synergen Complex, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts that have been shown to be clinically effective in targeting the root causes of poor hair health. The hair follicle is a sensitive micro-organ that is impacted by everything the body experiences and should be treated from within. Thus, hair supplements are more effective than hair masks. Not only does this product stimulate hair growth and quality, but it improves overall wellness by helping to decrease stress, improve sleep quality, and decrease fatigue. They have a product line specifically formulated for men and women and the supplements are manufactured in the USA.

Nutrafol for Men

Nutrafol for men addresses the root causes of hair loss such as stress, insomnia, low testosterone, poor immunity with effective medical-grade ingredients (nutraceuticals). Nutrafol will work with all types of hair and all ethnicities saw a decrease in hair shedding within 2 months. The company has done numerous peer-reviewed, scientific studies to support the reasons why they chose specific ingredients. After six months 83% of men saw improvements in hair quality and 72% saw improvements in scalp coverage.

Nutrafol for Women

Nutrafol for women is formulated with stress adaptagens and added marine collagen. As a woman approaches menopause, she is more susceptible to DHT which affects hair thinning mostly along the middle part. The Balance formula is enhanced with ingredients such as maca,asaxanthin, and additional saw palmetto (less than the male formulation) to support the changes during menopause.

What Are the Main Ingredients in this Hair Loss Treatment?

  • Tocotrienol Complex is a concentrated form of Vitamin E (super vitamin E that is optimized for body absorption and which helps improve hair density by reducing oxidative, environmental stress.
  • Ashwagandha helps balance out stress hormones such as cortisol elevation that causes a decrease in the hair growth cycle and premature hair shedding.
  • Saw Palmetto helps prevent conversion of testosterone to DHT, a leading cause of hair thinning and permanent hair loss. Hormone imbalances are a significant contributor of thinning hair. DHT binds to hair follicles causing miniaturization.
  • Curcumin, extracted from turmeric, acts as an anti-inflammatory and potent anti-oxidant.
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen is sourced from North Atlantic Cod and provides amino acids and proteins that make keratin, a key protein for strong hair construction.

When Are Hair Loss Treatment Results Visible?

Clinical trials have shown results in 3-6 months. It is important to note that results may vary.

  • 1-3 months: Less shedding and breakage as hair will be strengthened.
  • 4-6 months: Begin to see healthier hair growth and improved thickness of hair.
  • 6 months: Improvement continues with faster growing hair and better scalp coverage.

It is important to keep in mind that the longer oxidative damage and DHT activity continue, the harder it is to reverse as the follicles shrink and eventually close. Closed follicles can no longer grow hair so it is key to start as early as possible. You will not see results overnight so it is imperative that the capsules are taken consistently with food. With numerous scientific articles and evidence backed ingredients, men and women can finally get the improvement they need in hair growth. If you are ready to give Nutrafol a try, you can buy it here at a reduced price


Anaphase+ Anti-hair Loss Complement Shampoo

Anaphase+ shampoo completes the anti-hair loss and strengthening action of treatments (lotions and nutritional supplements). It is very well tolerated and can be used as often as desired. At The DuPont Institute we strive to provide the best hair loss treatments Chevy Chase has to offer.


  • 90% of consumers believe that the shampoo stimulates their hair growth*
  • 88% of consumers notice a reduction in hair loss after 6 weeks of use**
  • 200 ml tube in box
  • 400 ml bottle without box
  • 100 ml travel-size model
  • *% of satisfaction with the reduction in hair loss, clinical study conducted on 41 subjects, results after 3 months of use
  • **% of satisfaction with the reduction in hair loss, clinical study conducted on 42 subjects, results after 6 weeks of use
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Anaphase+ Strengthening Conditioner

Strengthening, volumizing and detangling conditioner designed to resolve hair loss and devitalized hair problems.


  • 84% strengthening efficacy*

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