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  • Medical grade products, only accessible through physician or dermatologist recommendation.
  • Combines pharmaceutical & cosmetic expertise
  • Wide range of products, including products for: acne, aging, wrinkles, general skin care, etc.

Transforming solutions for beautiful and healthy looking skin.

Glytone was born in the United States in 1943 when two pharmacists were seeking new product formulations to improve the appearance of skin and created Glycolic Acid skincare products. Acquired by the Pierre Fabre Group, the original Glytone formulations have been enhanced with the expertise of the company. Today, Glytone is a leader in the use of active acids that provide targeted and transforming solutions for skin health through the combination of professional in-office procedures and at-home treatments.

Glytone has been transforming skin for more than 20 years. With dazzling results from carefully crafted formulations, Glytone knows just what professionals and their patients need for beautiful, youthful skin. From in-office peel systems to at-home care, Glytone helps maintain dramatic results. The broad ranges of products provide customizable solutions, no matter what your goals are.  With a special focus on difficult to manage imperfections, including hyperpigmentation and photoaging, these products are highly effective while minimizing irritation.

As a market pioneer in the use of active acids to refine skin, Glytone provides the most comprehensive yet simple system for creating radiant, beautiful skin. Skin experts know that many ingredients used in products can neutralize acids, making them less bioavailable to the skin, and therefore less effective. Often the strength listed on products doesn’t represent what is bioavailable- or the free acid value. With the validation process of the PFAV TM System, Glytone ensures the strength listed on the package is what the patient will get from the product.

The Glytone Difference:

  • PFAV TM – Precision Free Acid Value System: Determines and discloses the strength and activity of Glycolic Acid for reliable, targeted treatment and maximal results, creating simply beautiful skin.
  • Exclusive to Physicians: Strong and effective products show rapid visible results. A comprehensive skincare system adapted to the US market.
  • Innovative, Patented and Advanced Technologies: Time release delivery systems, Enhanced Penetration Technologies, and Professional peel systems with Enerpeel R Technology.

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