TruSculpt® 3D Specialist

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Mary C. DuPont, MD, FPMRS, FACS

Aesthetic Specialist & Surgeon located in Chevy Chase, MD

A noninvasive method for body sculpting and fat reduction, truSculpt® 3D uses radio frequency to eliminate fat cells. Dr. Mary C. DuPont offers truSculpt 3D therapy at the DuPont Aesthetics. She can treat excess fat in trouble spots, such as your arms, abdomen, and thighs, with this targeted approach. If you live in or near Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville, Bethesda, and the DC Metropolitan area in Maryland, call the DuPont Aesthetics for use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment with Dr. DuPont and learn if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary procedure.

truSculpt® 3D

How does truSculpt work?

TruSculpt provides radiofrequency to target subcutaneous fat tissue, the fat that lies just under your skin. A specialized wand delivers heat deep under the surface of the skin. The heat breaks down the fat cells, which are then excreted naturally through your lymphatic system.

What areas does truSculpt treat?

Dr. DuPont treats areas traditionally resistant to fat loss with truSculpt. These include your stomach, chin, thighs, and buttocks. She can also treat your ankles and the area around your knees. The results include a diminished appearance of cellulite and a reduction in your size. You actually lose inches

What is the difference between truSculpt 3D and Coolsculp?

Trusculpt 3D has a unique advantage of being able to tighten lax skin because it uses radio frequency energy. This radio frequency energy has been used to tighten facial skin for years, and has been altered in Trusculpt 3-D technology in order to decrease fat as well as tighten skin. Because of this, Trusculpt 3D improves skin tone and could be considered a treatment for fat and laxity of skin, as opposed to Coolsculpting, which has not been proven improve skin laxity.

Who is a candidate for truSculpt?

TruSculpt is for targeted fat loss and toning; it’s not a comprehensive weight-loss therapy. The best candidates are men and women with a body mass index of 30 or lower.

How many treatments will I need?  trusculpt before and after

For optimal results, you can schedule two to four total sessions, spaced two weeks apart. Each session takes less than an hour and requires no downtime, so you can resume normal activities following treatment. The exact number of treatments you need depends on the volume of fat in the target areas. Anyone session destroys about 20% of the fat cells in the area.

When are results from truSculpt noticeable?

You may start to see results as soon as three weeks after treatment, but optimal results show in about three months. It takes time for your body to completely dispel the disrupted fat cells.

Does truSculpt hurt?  trusculpt before and after

A truSculpt procedure is well-tolerated by most patients. It’s noninvasive; Dr. DuPont doesn’t use needles or incisions. The heat of the truSculpt wand can be intense, but she can adjust it to suit your comfort level.

You may have some redness following treatment, but truSculpt does not harm your skin. It actually tightens and strengthens your skin, because the heat simulates your body to produce more collagen, a compound that’s essential for a healthy skin structure.

How do I prepare for my truSculpt session?

Very little special preparation is necessary before a truSculpt session. Shave any area to be treated and remove piercings. You may want to avoid caffeine because it can sometimes make you more sensitive to the heat.   cutera device for body sculpting

*Individual results may vary.