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From: J. S.   Date: 07/20/20   Source: Google

Beyond satisfied with the experience I had with Dr DuPont and her incredibly attentive staff. The experience and results speak for themselves. I had always been so self conscious and am so glad I decided to book the procedure with Dr DuPont. I felt understood and respected every step of the way.

From: A. Z.   Date: 05/20   Source: realself

Dr. DuPont is very caring and very gentle. My bellafill was very successful and I plan to return for a follow-up.

From: anon   Date: 05/13/20   Source: realself

I had Tru sculpt on my upper arms almost 12 weeks ago and the results are so great! My arms are smaller in circumference and def more toned! I highly recommend Dr Dupont and her staff - they did a great job and made me feel very comfortable. I also used the alastin lotion to accelerate my results and improve tone that they recommended, and it really helped. Can’t wait to get trusculpt on my thighs!

From: M. W.   Date:03/20   Source: Google     

I’m going for my procedure tomorrow, but already I am OVER THE MOON at how comfortable I felt talking to my consultant, such a warm atmosphere and welcoming staff! 

From: A. D.   Date: 05/8/20   Source: Yelp     

Dr DuPont is my go to for facial Botox! The new office is very beautiful and has the feel of a luxurious spa. Her techniques and Botox concentrations are such that it lasts for 4-5 months.  She always gives me an excellent eye brow lift and lip plump!  

From: anon   Date: 01/20/20   Source: realself    

Dr. DuPont not only has a great bedside manner but I love my results from Bellafill. After getting fillers done somewhere else for years I decided to look into long term solution. I found her from a referral from a friend and I’m so happy I did this for myself. My friends and family say I look years younger and so much more refreshed. 

From: K. B.   Date: 01/20/20   Source: realself     

For years I was embarrassed to smile. I felt ashamed to take pictures with my family, but Dr. DuPont changed that forever! She gave me the best smile and boosted myself confidence. She definitely changed my life and I recommend her to anyone that wants to be the best version of themselves!

From: K.   Date: 01/20   Source: Healthgrades     

Dr. DuPont's approach and credentials are top notch. She listens carefully, does an exam, and then suggests a plan. For me, she was the only one that I trusted after seeing another specialist. She is confident, reassuring, and easy to talk to about very personal concerns. I had issues with orgasms and pain with intimacy. I was treated with a thermal radiofrequency device to improve all that and improve sensation. An added bonus was that my leakage during zumba classes stopped too. I also went ahead with the Mojo shot which she developed for orgasms. She is very much into the latest techniques and regenerative medicine. Husband and I are so happy!! ;-) Office is beautiful and welcoming. Staff is professional and happy. Daughter went to her for Brazilian laser hair removal and is very satisfied. Prices are reasonable, specials are fabulous, and they have some of the most fun and informative events that I have ever been to.

From: E. E.   Date: 11/19  Source: PatientPop

Excellent doctor. Relieved my discomfort quickly. Will always go back to Dr. DuPont for similar problems


From: M. J.   Date: 02/20   Source: Google   

I was so excited to find a Woman Urologist! For me as you get older you are more Comfortable in sharing Medical problems also the Staff was the friendliest and very PROFESSIONAL!!!! All smiles when I entered 👍🏼Dr. DuPont is so Patient because I had a lot of questions and she took her time to address them ALL!!!!!!!!! and she has a Kind side because I noticed how she treated her Staff👏🏼 THANKS

From: anon   Date: 09/21/19  Source: realself

Dr. DuPont is very professional and easy to talk to. She immediately made me feel comfortable at my consultation and was very detail oriented when asking about how I would like to look. During and after my surgery Dr. DuPont was supportive, professional and informative. I’m so glad I chose her as my surgeon!

From: S. H.   Date: 05/19   Source: Google     

I have nothing but praise for Dr. DuPont and her staff. I was sent to her on a referral and so happy that I was. She is very personable. She sat down for at least 20 minimum on my initial visit asking questions and listening to my concerns. By the time she had finished asking and answering I felt 100% confident in her and the procedure she performed. Thanks Dr. and staff. So glad I had the procedure done here. I feel fantastic!

From: A. M.   Date: 06/19   Source: Google     

Dr. DuPont is amazingly skilled at doing injections. I had my Botox done by her and it looks so great and natural. Definitely looking forward to more procedures with her.

From: J. L.   Date: 01/20   Source: PatientPop

I had MiraDry done by Dr. Dupont and it was life changing. Highly recommend the treatment and Dr. Dupont to anyone suffering from overactive sweat glands. Before MiraDry my sweating was out of control. 

From: T. B.   Date: 06/4/19  Source: Yelp

Dr. DuPont and her staff were super helpful. What I appreciated most was how thoroughly informed they were about the procedures that they offer and the reliable advice about feasible services. Would absolutely return to her in the future!

From: J. E.   Date: 01/20   Source: PatientPop

As always, Dr. Dupont addresses all my issues and questions clearly, responding with real intelligence to my concerns. 

From: P. B.   Date: 12/19   Source: PatientPop

Dr DuPont and staff are A1. I feel I am given thorough treatment, information, courtesy, consideration and respect. I leave feeling very satisfied.

From: S. H.   Date: 01/20   Source: PatientPop

It was easy to make an appointment; the office staff were very helpful and professional; Dr. DuPont was excellent— smart, professional, personable, caring and extremely helpful! A great experience in every way!

From: S. C.   Date: 03/20   Source: PatientPop

Dr. DuPont takes time to listen to my concerns. She doesn’t focus on her computer screen; she focuses on me, which I greatly appreciate. 

From: J. R. Date: 02/20   Source: PatientPop

Dr. DuPont took all the time needed to address my problem and to offer solutions.

From: C. S.   Date: 02/20   Source: PatientPop

Dr. DuPont is very caring and very gentle. My bellafill was very successful and I plan to return for a follow-up.




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