A vaginoplasty specialist is your best resource for understanding vaginal related issues and concerns that may have come up over time.

In fact, concerns such as pain or discomfort during sex, functional issues, or urinary incontinence are common and treatable as long as you speak with a professional.

What Is a Vaginoplasty?

Over time the skin in your vagina loses collagen and elastin the same way the skin on the rest of your body does.

This creates weakened tissues that can result in decreased sensation, pain during sex, burning, itching, and even urinary incontinence.

A vaginoplasty can help reduce these symptoms and in many cases, it can erase them altogether to restore your vagina to proper function.

What Happens During a Vaginoplasty?

During your treatment, your doctor will remove excess skin at the back of the vagina and then repair and tighten muscles where needed.

Your doctor can also make cosmetic adjustments if requested.

What Happens After Your Vaginoplasty?

Most patients are able to return home immediately following their procedure.

However, you can expect a week or two or recovery before you are able to return to your daily activities as usual.

You may experience some pain or aching for the days following your vaginoplasty, this is normal.

Sex After Vaginoplasty

Following your procedure, you should abstain from sexual intercourse as well as tampon use for at least two months while your body heals fully.

Where to Find the Best Vaginoplasty Specialist

At the DuPont Institute, we are focused on sexual wellness, and are known for our innovative and personalized approach to patient care utilizing state-of-the-art surgical, nonsurgical and regenerative medicine techniques.

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