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6 Reasons Why MonaLisa Touch May be Right for You

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Realself verified doctor logo Washingtonian top doctor logo Castle Connolly Top Doctor 10 years logo Bethesda Top Doctor logo US News patient top choice logo Realself verified doctor logo Washingtonian top doctor logo Castle Connolly Top Doctor 10 years logo Bethesda Top Doctor logo US News patient top choice logo
Why MonaLisa Touch May be Right for You
29 Sep

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just wave a wand at a medical problem and have it magically disappear? Thanks to advanced laser technology, this is no longer the stuff of fairy tales.

For far too long, women have suffered the urogynecological consequences of menopause, childbirth, and other medical issues that affect vaginal health, in silence. Thanks to the efforts of urogynecologists like Dr. Mary DuPont and new products like MonaLisa Touch in Washington DC®, women no longer have to endure the problems that affect their sexual and urinary health.

To better explain the new laser technology, we've pulled together six things you should know about the MonaLisa Touch:

1. No Pain, Plenty of Gain

The MonaLisa Touch laser technology is noninvasive and virtually pain-free. During the procedure, Dr. DuPont inserts a probe into your vagina, which emits laser energy into the vaginal walls without harming your surface tissue. The laser energy signals your body to begin a healing response, which includes increased collagen and elastin production.

2. Quick and Easy

The treatment itself takes under five minutes, and Dr. DuPont performs it right in her office. Most women get three treatments, six weeks apart. Since there's no downtime associated with the treatment, you can be in and out with minimal disruption to your day.

While each treatment is quick and easy, results are generally gradual as your body creates healthier tissue. Many women notice a change soon after the first treatment, with optimal results in 12-18 weeks.

3. Restores Sexual Health

When your reproductive hormone levels fall, the effect can be widespread and include the health and vitality of your vaginal walls. Your body is uniquely designed for bringing children into the world, and your reproductive systems are geared toward facilitating this in every way, from lubrication to elasticity in your vaginal tissue.

When your estrogen and progesterone levels drop after your childbearing years (or as a result of surgery or medications), your body transitions into a non-childbearing state, and the tissue in your vagina responds in kind.

The end result is often vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and thinning tissue, which can wreak havoc on your ability to enjoy sex. Using MonaLisa Touch, Dr. DuPont stimulates your vaginal walls, creating healthier, thicker tissue, enabling you to maintain a healthy and happy sex life long after your childbearing years are over.

4. Treats Incontinence

A quality-of-life issue that comes with menopause is urinary incontinence, which is perfectly normal. This is a result of a weakening in your vaginal walls, especially your front wall, which supports your bladder.

With the MonaLisa Touch, Dr. DuPont restores health to your vaginal tissue, which provides renewed support for your bladder. In just a few treatments, most women experienced improved bladder control, preventing embarrassing leakage that may have kept you from getting out and enjoying your life.

5. Targeted Approach

For many years, the go-to treatment for the side effects of menopause was hormone replacement therapy. The problem with this therapy is that it's a systemic approach, when you may only want to address urogynecological issues.

With MonaLisa Touch, you're able to focus on the symptoms that are affecting your life, without resorting to changing your body's overall hormone levels.

6. Bouncing Back

Your body is incredible in its ability to bounce back from the stresses of childbirth, but there are times when it's stretched beyond its limits. If childbirth has robbed your vaginal tissue of elasticity and tone, MonaLisa Touch helps restore it.

While the MonaLisa Touch may not be a magic wand, it has helped improve the lives of over 1,000 women in the Washington, DC, area in just a few painless, five-minute sessions.

If you'd like to explore how MonaLisa Touch can help you, feel free to call us at our office for sexual wellness in Washington DC and Chevy Chase, the DuPont Institute. You can also use our online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

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