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Hot vs. Cold: Why I Chose truSculpt iD Instead of CoolSculpting

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Hot vs. Cold: Why I Chose truSculpt iD Instead of CoolSculpting
24 Apr

Non-surgical body sculpting and fat reduction is one of the most popular services today. The non-surgical aesthetic field is ever evolving and continuous advancements in technology are giving patients more options than ever.

Gone are the days of only surgical options for common issues such as fat reduction and body contouring. Our office has seen a significant increase in the interest for these services.

After evaluating virtually every device on the market, our owner and on-site medical director, Mary C DuPont, M.D. selected truSculpt iD. truSculpt iD offers patients up to 24 percent fat and circumference reduction and skin tightening in just one treatment, with no downtime.

truSculpt 3D

truSculpt iD uses radiofrequency energy to heat deep layers of skin and fat to improve the look and contour of trouble zones. Tissue is heated to 45-47 degrees Celsius via deep radio frequencies. This leads to fat cell apoptosis, or cell death, and released through the bodies natural lymphatic system. Because truSculpt iD uses heat, the body naturally generates new collagen which offers a tightening to the treated skin.

The technology is different in two ways. truSculpt iD is a monopolar radiofrequency device that penetrates more deeply and heats fat more effectively than skin, so skin stays at a lower temperature. The device uses internal temperature monitoring, which keeps the temperature uniform and automatically reduces the temperature if the skin gets too hot.

These features allow the treatment to take place without much discomfort and get an effective response. More than 80% of patients saw more than a 20% reduction in size of the fat thickness as measured by ultrasound. The operator must be in the room for the entire treatment.

The two treatments also differ in the following ways:

1. There are no limitations to the areas than can be treated by truSculpt iD. It is the only FDA cleared device to treat any area of the body.

  • CoolSculpt has a limited area of applications. You have to have a very specific area of fat that can be squeezed in between the treatment panels.
  • There is more versatility with the trusculpt id in that you can treat any area no matter how small the amount of fat or the location. For example, the arms, knees, neck etc are well treated by the TS3D.

2. truSculpt iD does not require that the fat be isolated. For that reason, even though it is performed on a prescribed area, the contours come out smooth wherever you have the treatment applied. I have repaired the dimpling/rippling caused by CoolSculpt adverse contouring with the truSculpt iD. So if smoothness of the contouring is desired, truSculpt iD would be a better choice.

  • CoolSculpt uses treatment panels. Thus, it only kills the fat cells in between the two treatment panels. This has the adverse possibility of leaving a chunk out of your fat and leaving the contours of the area lumpy. If those lumps are not large enough to fit into the panels then doing more CoolSculpt in the area will not help.

3. truSculpt iD heats fat cells and, therefore, tightens the skin over the area being treated. This is a huge difference. This often leads to improvement of cellulite as well. truSculpt iD improves skin tone in the treatment areas and could be considered a treatment for fat and laxity.

  • CoolSculpt freezes fat. It doesn't make laxity worse but doesn't improve it. CoolSculpting doesn't offer the additional benefit of skin tightening and requires multiple treatments (in most cases, patient need 3 treatments).

4. Treatment time is about shorter with truSculpt iD

5. Treatment outcome is about the same

6. There is the possibility of nerve damage with the CoolSculpt and not with the truSculpt iD

7. The cost is about the same

8. The time to expect results is about the same

9. The CoolSculpt has more reported discomfort than the truSculpt iD

10. truSculpt iD is not in as many locations as is the CoolSculpt

11. In clinical trials, when compared to CoolSculpting, truSculpt iD achieved the highest percentage of fat thickness removal in just one treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for truSculpt?

truSculpt iD candidates have fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise. For the best results, individuals are recommended to have a BMI of 30 or below.
Additionally, truSculpt can safely treat all skin types.

truSculpt iD procedure

First, patients are weighed and photographed. They are then placed in a comfortable reclining position before the procedure begins.

During the treatment, the truSculpt device is placed on the skin's surface and emits a series of pulses to heat fat cells. The skin and surrounding structures are not affected in this process.

Additionally, patients may provide feedback during the procedure, and energy settings can be adjusted accordingly. Most patients find truSculpt to be a fairly comfortable experience.

truSculpt takes approximately 15 minutes – 1 hour depending on the size and number of areas being treated.

truSculpt iD: Post-Treatment

Patients can resume all normal activities immediately after their treatment.


Fat reduction and tightening of the treated area can occur a few weeks to a couple of months after truSculpt.

Call today to schedule a free consultation for truSculpt iD. It is never too late to look your best!

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